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Principal's Message Regarding School Dismissal
As you all no doubt have learned by now, Governor Herbert has directed a dismissal of all students from school for at least the next two weeks, beginning Monday March 16. This is in response to combating the spread of corona virus. At DHS we will be working hard Monday and Tuesday to develop our plan to deliver instruction to our students. No students will be in the building during those two weeks, except on a limited basis. By Tuesday night we will be notifying students and parents about how students can continue with their classwork, which will resume at home on Wednesday. We will build an online system for students to complete assignments and assessments. For those who cannot access internet, an appropriate option will be offered. We will also provide information on how students can come in for lunch and breakfast (most likely to go). We will give instructions on how students who need to come in the building to pick up books and materials will be able to do that starting Wednesday, a few at a time. Also beginning Wednesday we can take only a few students in the building, by invitation, for special instruction or tutoring. The key point is to avoid creating conditions where larger groups of people would congregate. Please refer to this DHS website for more information regarding our plan to continue educating our kids in the best manner possible. We will also be posting information through Powerschool announcements which will come to your email. During this two week period, all activities will be cancelled, including practices.
This will be challenging for all of us. Parents will be scrambling to find care for kids, and hardships will be faced by all of us. I have the utmost confidence in the staff at DHS to put together the best plan possible to make this work. It will take all of us working together to make this a positive experience for students. Thank you in advance for your patience and help as we work to ensure our kids are well taken care of.
Chrome Book Updates
If students are having trouble with their Chromebooks not loading websites or other information it could be that the Chromebook needs updating. I have attached a short video on how to update a Chromebook. This doesn't require any passwords, just a wifi connection. You can post the video to your canvas classes or google classroom or send it as an email to students. Thank you.
Principal's Page
This year at DHS, one of our main focus areas will be character education. Our staff is devoted to helping our students understand and buy into the importance of being productive citizens in our communities. Each week we will devote time to a particular character ed. topic, with each student having an opportunity to be involved in some aspect of character education. For example, this week we will work on seeing other peoples' point of view, and becoming good listeners.

Character Education

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DHS Citizenship Grading
DHS Citizenship Grading
“We believe we can and should teach values, standards, and ethics.” From DHS mission and beliefs.
DHS has created a citizenship grade scale, similar to the academic grade scale, to promote good citizenship for all students.
H (honors) = 4.0 S (satisfactory) = 2.5 N (needs improvement) = 1.0 U (unsatisfactory) = 0

A minimum CPA (Citizenship Point Average) of 2.0 with no U grade is required for eligibility to participate in, or attend, school activities.
• Students who have a U at mid-term or at the end of the quarter will not be eligible for activities until the U is rectified.
• Students who have less than a 2.0 CPA at midterm or end of the quarter will not be eligible for activities until the CPA is greater than 2.0.
o Ineligible means the student cannot participate in or attend school activities until the U or CPA has been rectified. This includes field trips, music, drama, assemblies, FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, sports, and any other event sponsored by DHS. For public events, such as a volleyball game or wrestling match, in which we can’t control who attends, the student will be charged full adult admission price.
o DHS will offer means for students to rectify their U or CPA.
 An Edgenuity course (Eagle Academy) on a specific aspect of character education appropriate to the students’ offense. Not to be done on school time.
 Service projects in our community, as approved by administration.
 Attend positive behavior learning events such as the Community Matters Conference.
 Other means as designated by administration.
For those students without a U, and with a CPA of 3.5 or higher, DHS will provide incentives:
• Midterm and end of quarter ice-cream or pizza parties.
• Students with an average of 3.5 GPA & CPA, or a 4.0 CPA, during each of the first three terms will be invited to the Honors Sneak.
• Other incentives as designated by administration.
Students will receive a grade in each of three categories; Attendance, Behavior, and Work Completed. The three grades will be averaged to obtain the final citizenship grade.
Attendance: 90% attendance. 90% on time. No truancies.
Behavior: On task 90% of the time. Prepared 90% of the time. Zero incidents of misbehavior.
Work complete: 90%.
Attendance: 80% attendance. On time 80%. No truancies.
Behavior: On task 80%. Prepared 80%. Less than 3 minor behavior incidents and zero major incidents. Work complete: 80%.
N-Needs improvement:
Attendance: 70% attendance. On time 70%. No more than 1 truancy.
Behavior: On task 70%. Prepared 70%. 3-5 minor misbehavior incidents or 1 major incident.
Work complete: 70%.
Attendance: Less than 70%. On time less than 70%. More than 1 truancy.
Behavior: On task less than70%. Prepared less than 70%. More than 5 minor misbehavior incidents or 2 or more major incidents.
Work complete: Less than 70%.
Duchesne High Mission and Statement of Beliefs
Duchesne High School Mission
We, the Duchesne High School community, are dedicated to the principles of respect, responsibility, and life-long learning; to an environment that supports educational and personal experience; and to the development of skills necessary for acquiring knowledge and using it wisely. This is the Eagle Way. We achieve this mission by focusing on the following:

Areas of Emphasis:
Student Learning, Quality Teaching, Service, Curriculum, Activities, Communication

Community Values:
Caring, Responsibility, Family, Trust, Respect, Integrity

Duchesne High School Beliefs
At DHS We Believe:
• Student learning is our first priority.
• All students and teachers can learn.
• We can maintain a safe and appealing learning environment.
• Teachers make a positive difference in students’ lives.
• We make accommodations for different learning styles.
• All school participants show mutual respect for each other.
• Students need skills for lifelong learning.
• The responsibility for student education is shared among parents, teachers, students, and community.
• Students should have many opportunities for self assessment of their learning.
• It is important to offer a variety of opportunities for participation.
• Schools can and should teach values, standards, and ethics.
• A broad range of assessment practices should be utilized.
• Student achievement and excellence is recognized.
How to submit a technology help desk ticket
Attendance Reminder
Parents and Students:
Please remember that absences, other than school excused absences, need to be excused through the office within two days of the absence. Any students with an unexcused absence on the third day will be referred to PASS (in school suspension). Please call the school during school hours to excuse any absences. 435-738-1260