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2018-2019 School Community Council
Stan Young. 738-1260.

Daron Gatherum: 823-2986.

Al Jole: 822-1277.

Don Hill: 671-1388.

Billy Hoopes

Alex Gatherum

Bridgett Ewell

Kari Crum

Alan Spencer: 823-2133 OR 738-5403

Janae Rowley 435-738-5344.

Eileen Potter: 738-5344

Heidi Brady: 733-6765

Rick Coil

Wyatt Gines
Duchesne High School Community Council
The Duchesne High School Community Council (Team DHS) meets regularly. Meetings will be held on November 5th, January 7th, March 3rd and April 14th. All meetings will begin at 6:00 and be held in the Duchesne High School library. All meetings are open to the public. The School Community Council operates using Roberts Rules of Order. This year the school distribution from the Utah School Trust lands was
$46, 240
School Community Council Meeting
The Duchesne High School Community Council meeting will be held on Tuesday January 7, 2020 at 6:00 in the Duchesne High library. The public is welcome to attend.
School Community Council Agendas
Duchesne High School
School Community Council. “Team DHS”

Agenda for Tuesday January 7, 2020

1. Review of ACT data
2. Family passes for sports?? Season passes?
3. Control of younger children in the building during evening school
4. Begin our 2020-2021 Trust lands plan.

Agenda for 11/5/2019

1. Approve the minutes of last meeting
2. Review of this years' plan (2019-2020)
3. Appoint Terms of election to each Council member.
4. Review ACT Data.
5. Discuss DHS Character Ed program.

Agenda for 10/15/2019

Results of election of new members.
*Council Member & Signature Form
*Elect chair, vice chair and secretary
*School Community Council purpose.
*School Community Council responsibilities.
*Requirements for website
*Requirements for public notice of meetings
*Council minutes.
*Rules of order.
*Meeting Schedule
State Board rules for SCC Meetings...See handout from Trust Lands Administrators
*Final Report for 2018-2019 year.
*Review plan for 2019-2020 year.
*Student Handbook questions.
*Need for more substitute teachers.
*School activities calendar
*Other discussion items
Team DHS Minutes
Student Community Council Meeting
January 7, 2020
Members present: Stan Young, Brian Bleazard, Daron Gatherum, Billy Hoopes, Eileen Potter, Janae Rowley, Al Jole, Heidi Brady, Rick Coil, Wyatt Gines.

We each read the previous months meetings, and they were voted on and seconded. They passed unanimously.

Eileen Potter will write letters of appreciation to legislators. She is thanking them for money for music dept, A.D. materials, and money for the computer lab.

Janae Rowley mentioned that we should have the SCC meetings put on the school calendars.

ACT Data from previous years was reviewed. Our average composite score has risen each year. We aren't quite at state level but we are steadily rising. Mr. Young would like us to get to state level, that is our goal. This is a mandated test score only. The State sets the benchmark of where the kids should be. Last year we did really well, but past years haven't been as successful.

Family Passes for sports were discussed. They have been offered for Winter Sports. Different options were presented. Not many people bought them. The motivation for this was to save people money.

Control of younger kids in the building during school events:
Maybe we should announce at the beginning of games that kids need to stay with their parents. Wyatt Gines suggested that we all maybe could patrol the hall ways a little if we are at the games. Al Jole suggested offering the old gym for kids to play at.

Review of emergency procedures:
The school is changing what they are doing a little bit. Procedures will be the same district wide. Alert and lockdown procedures were discussed. There is a level 1, and a level 2. The school uses a code that will tell the staff whether it is a real alert/lockdown or not. In case of an emergency (lockdown), Rochelle sends out an automatic email, text, and phone call alerting all parents/guardians. We have a team of members that are in charge of reunification for parents and children if/when these things happen. Heidi Brady asked if substitute teachers know the procedures in case things were to happen when they are working. Our mantra at our school is "Run, Hide, Fight."

Our 2020-2021 Trust Lands Plan:
By March/April, we need to have our budget and school improvement plan ready for next year. We need to think about things that we would like/need for next year. Mr. Young will ask the teachers for their recommendations. It was suggested that maybe we continue to help the A.D. Team, technology, and Reading Plus was also mentioned. Reading Plus is $7500 a year. Our upcoming budget should be about $55,000-$60,000 for next year. Janae also suggested getting ACT prep supplies for Mr. Chapell. Mr. Gatherum also suggested headphones for classrooms to help excelling students who might want to work ahead of others. Mr. Young also suggested security cameras in classrooms with audio. Also maybe we could put silent vaping alarms in the bathrooms.

Janae asked about locker room safety. Mr. Jole said that kids are taught locker room etiquette in preseason. Mr. Young mentioned that supervision is also important. Rick Coil suggested possibly using thermal imaging in bathrooms/locker rooms. Daron G. suggested that anit-bullying policies be put in documents.

Next SCC meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020 at 6:00 P.M.

Team DHS (School Community Council) Meeting held on Wednesday March 28th 2019

Those in attendance:
Stan Young
Al Jole
Don Hill
Daron Gatherum
Janae Rowley
Eileen Potter
Wyatt Gines

Agenda Items:
Approval of 2019-2020 School Plan (Trust Lands)
Goal # 1 Motion: Al Jole Second Don Hill Unanimous Approval
Goal # 2 Motion: Daron Gatherum Second Al Jole Unanimous Approval
Goal # 3 Motion: Daron Gatherum Second Don Hill 6-1 Approval
Goal # 4 Motion: Janae Rowley Second Eileen Potter Unanimous Approval
Goal # 5 Motion: Don Hill Second Daron Gatherum Unanimous Approval
Goal # 6 Motion: Al Jole Second Janae Rowley Unanimous Approval
Goal # 7 Motion Wyatt Gines Second Eileen Potter Unanimous Approval

Approval of amendments for 2018-2019 expenditures
Surplus funds were re-allocated to the following areas: Science equipment, CTE Equipment and Physical Education Equipment
School Community Council Elections
August 13 and 14, 2019 Elections for the Duchesne High School Community Council will be held on September 9, 2018. Anyone interested in applying for openings may apply with Principal Stan Young
Internet Safety
The following steps/procedures have been implemented at Duchesne High to insure student internet safety:
-Weekly Character Education lessons
-Attendance at a Community Matters Convention
-NetSmatz Assembly Training
-Student and Staff internet access is monitored and restricted by a district wide filter
-All students and parents sign and agree to follow the district acceptable use policy