About Us

Duchesne High Mission And Statement Of Beliefs

We, the Duchesne High School community, are dedicated to the principles of respect, responsibility, and life-long learning; to an environment that supports educational and personal experience; and to the development of skills necessary for acquiring knowledge and using it wisely. This is the Eagle Way. We achieve this mission by focusing on the following:

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Student Learning

  • Quality Teaching

  • Service

  • Curriculum

  • Activities

  • Communication

Community Values

Caring, Responsibility, Family, Trust, Respect, Integrity.

At DHS We Believe:

  • Student learning is our first priority.

  • All students and teachers can learn.

  • We can maintain a safe and appealing learning environment.

  • Teachers make a positive difference in students’ lives.

  • We make accommodations for different learning styles.

  • All school participants show mutual respect for each other.

  • Students need skills for lifelong learning.

  • The responsibility for student education is shared among parents, teachers, students, and community.

  • Students should have many opportunities for self assessment of their learning.

  • It is important to offer a variety of opportunities for participation.

  • Schools can and should teach values, standards, and ethics.

  • A broad range of assessment practices should be utilized.

  • Student achievement and excellence is recognized.

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